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  • Flower Power Facial Cleansing Oil - Rania Hasna Nature Elements
  • Flower Power Facial Cleansing Oil - Rania Hasna Nature Elements

Flower Power Facial Cleansing Oil

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Experience ultimate pampering and remove makeup with ease! Flower Power Facial Cleansing Oil is an elegant lightweight makeup remover & cleansing oil which deeply cleanses, exfoliates and provides intense moisture care for your skin. The expert team at Rania Hasna crafted this divine formula to be gentle enough for everyday use, even around the sensitive eye area, while still giving amazing results like brighter, smoother more even-looking skin. With key ingredients such as Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Chamomile and Rosella to name a few, this wash helps to eliminate sebum clogged in pores without stripping off skin's natural protection barrier.

A single wash is all it takes to cleanse your skin deeply and leave it feeling soft, supple and radiant.


Featured ingredients:

Castor Oil - Rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it useful in reducing acne. Ricinoleic acid can inhibit growth in the bacteria that cause acne.

Grapeseed Oil  Rich in vitamins C, D and E. Moisturises and fights acne bacteria. 

Chamomile - Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It is also considered to be hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralise skin irritants.

Rosella - Contains gentle acids that have a slight exfoliating effect on the skin which helps with age spots and encourage an all round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion.

Available in 50ml pump bottle.

May contain traces of flower or herb as we use real plants in the production of this product. 



Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed)* oil infused with chamomile, rosella and milk thistle, Ricinus communis (Castor)* oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot kernel)* oil, Cananga odorata (Ylang ylang)* essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis CO2 extract*.

*Denotes certified organic ingredients.


Do not contain parabens, petroleum, silicones or perfume. Only naturally-derived ingredients used. For external use only.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always test on a small area of skin first and discontinue if any adverse condition occurs. Keep out reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cleanser/Makeup Remover/Facial Oil all rolled into one

This product is a cleanser/makeup remover/facial oil all rolled into one.
It works wonders, helps exfoliate the dead skin, cleanse and melts your makeup..
All in just a small pump, which suffices to spread onto your whole face.
That's how potent and effective it is.

During my winter trip in Australia, I encountered an allergy flare-up towards the weather and this oil helped me soothe my sensitive and reactive skin while still cleansing it.

The only make up remover you will ever need!

As the title suggests, it is really the only make up remover you will ever need! I've tried all sorts of make up remover and within beats Flower Power. You don't need an additional remover for your mascara because Flower Power removes mascara as easily as wiping water off the table!
2 pumps on dry skin is what it takes to remove ALL the make up on your face. No more tugging and dragging the lashes to remove stubborn mascara off!

Overall Wonder

I love to immerse my face in the magical power of the Flower Power, at least once a day. With the calming smell of the flowers, my skin (and my mind!) is relaxed and soothed. It has lightened (and continues to lighten) pigmentation on my face and has definitely won my heart.