Let's go Light!

Let's go Light!

As some of you may know I suffer from eczema on my face after a freak facial some years back. Since then, I have been very cautious (and terrified!) to try another facial so I DIY my own facial at home. Having said this, I am not discouraging you to not go for facial cos you should. You may try this home session to cut some cost (we all know it can be really pricey for getting a good facial done here in Singapore), or simply just to save some time. And an additional disclaimer before I get right into the juice, our skin are not the same, hence results does vary. If you have severe skin condition, best to consult a professional then to take things into your own hands. 

So juicy part here...

Apart of me having eczema, I do have a genetic pigmentation problem. Plus during my "flying" days, I was too "bother-less" with my skin and skincare and no sunscreen used at all till I am nearly 30 years old. Furthermore, I was practically a beach bum, I go wherever the sun go! :D You can then imagine how my pigmentation started to pop once I hit the big 3-0!

I have them all over my face, primarily on both my cheeks and looking 20 years older. Okay, I may be exaggerating but my skin was really terrible. Since I am fully aware of what most lightening products do, I skip them and only relied on Awaken Facial Oil initially. However, the result is slow. Soon, I researched on LED light therapy and what they can do. Intrigued, I went off to buy myself a $200+ device from a major skincare brand but unfortunately, the device died on me less than a year later (and I am not gonna spend another 200 bucks again - heartache much!). So you may wonder, did the device work then? Honestly, I didn't see much results then as this first device had only 1 red light function.

Months later after loads of research and testing, Starlight Bliss Facial Balm, followed by Rejuvenate Facial Serum Booster are launched. In fact, with Starlight Bliss and Awaken Facial Oil, I saw an improvement in lightening my pigmentation but because I had such severe spots, it seems nearly impossible to get rid of everything. Then came my second go on getting another LED light therapy device. This time, I just bought on inexpensive model with 6 different light functions, EMF and RF technology. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be a miracle tool or to even work at all.

And after months of regular use, my spots are nearly gone! And because I have "itchy fingers" syndrome and tend to pick on my skin way too much (please don't do this), I leave dark scars behind. This device with our precious products did lighten them up pretty quickly which I am really impressed with!

Here's what I did: 

  1. Pre-cleanse (Flower Power Cleansing Oil - I use this only at night)
  2. Cleanse (Rose Tea Tree Cleanser - am & pm)
  3. Mask once a week (Either of the 3 masks we carry)
  4. Tone (Rose Facial Spritzer)
  5. Prep (Rejuvenate Facial Serum Booster)
  6. Moisturise (Rose Geranium Facial Oil for day & Awaken Facial Oil for night)
  7. Moisturise for night (Starlight Bliss Facial Oil)
  8. Sunscreen for day (Prim & Sun)
  9. Loose Powder for day (Illuminate Loose Powder)

These are my day and night skincare routine which goes without fail. I incorporate my LED light device after step 7, only using it before I hit the sack. Although there are 6 different light options, I merely stuck to 3 max - Green, Amber and Blue. 

Green light helps with my pigmentation, amber for acne scars and blue for those occasional pimple/acne. Make sure you have some products on, never use it on dry skin. This particular device has intensity options and I usually turn it to maximum (always start with the lowest and move up as you get use to it).

Starting with green light, I will go in with gentle, circular motions around the area where my pigmentations are worst for approximately 4-5 minutes, switching to blue light for 1-2 minutes and then amber the rest of the 10 minutes. The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes and I don't recommend to use beyond that too. I notice that with solely blue light, my skin feels "thinner" and tend to get more sensitive so I don't stick to that colour for too long, only focusing on the area of concerns. 

If you are starting out and have never used a LED light device before, try to not use it consecutively for several days in a go. Allow your skin to adapt slow and easy to it. If you are using a water based product, it may feel like tiny currents hitting your skin. Hence, I always make sure I use Starlight Bliss last before turning on the switch to this device so I don't feel like I am electrocuting myself. 

The good thing about this device is that it doesn't require frequent charging, probably once in 2 months. I don't sell this device and neither will I consider selling it cos you can get it cheaper from online stores for sure! And one last tip before I sign out from today's post - always make sure you use good, clean skincare products cos it does drive your products deeper into your epidermis layers. You sure do not want chemical nasties lurking in your body system. 

I hope this post have helped you make a better informed choice if LED light therapy device is gonna be your next BFF. 

Hit the comments if you have any questions and I will answer them as soon as possible :) 

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