Get started on organic skincare for great skin and health!

Get started on organic skincare for great skin and health!

It has always been our first instinct as human beings to take a shortcut to everything. Whether it is about reaching on time or losing weight, we need fast and prompt results. Sometimes we are so determined in this race against time that we do not even question how sustainable this would be or how safe the process is. This is exactly one of the many questions I often get asked when I talk about my love for organic beauty products.


The first question often asked is, ‘Does it not give too slow results?’ It might take long to show results in comparison to its synthetic competitors but these results, the glow, the freshness is much longer lasting than those that you get from the use of synthetic products. It does not fade away with time or with the periodic cessation of the product. And then of course, the health concern. It is entirely safe. While some beauty products have been rumored to increase one’s risk for cancers, like skin cancer for instance, no such risks are associated with synthetic products.


One thing that you should take care about is if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Of course that applies to all things you may use, you check the ingredients of food you eat, the creams you use if you are allergic to something. Similarly you should have a look at the ingredients of these synthetic products so you know you have not picked a product with ingredients that do not suit you. This is just a caution to take for those who have allergies, rest may proceed without much caution. Nowadays you may also find all types of organic makeup, which you can use easily too without much worry too.


So why should you opt for organic beauty products? Read on to find out!


  1. Gentle on your skin

Firstly, since organic products are naturally-derived, they are extremely good to use for all skin types. They are gentle on your skin and it is extremely rare that you would experience an allergic reaction to any of these products. If you have sensitive skin or oily skin like I do then you will also face frequent breakouts like I did. These products prevent that and keep your skin fresh and clean. For instance the Rose Tea Tree Cleaner and Flower Power Cleansing Oil are particularly very gentle on your skin, having been made ideally for troubled skin. They help repair your skin, get the blood circulation increased to your face and you can appreciate the difference with use yourself!


  1. Rejuvenation

These are mostly plant-derived products, they are loaded with all the wonderful goodness of natural ingredients. This is why they actually do you a lot of good, working all the time while you wear them. They contain a lot of antioxidants, which help in improving your skin, giving you the wonderful glow everyone is trying hard to achieve. Some beauty products also help fight aging signs and blemishes like acne spots. They also have certain antiseptic properties which further help stop breakouts. My particular favourite is Rania Hasna's Pink It! Exfoliating Face Mask which is a combination of clay mask with exfoliating flower bits with calming properties, removing dead cells and bad bacteria from your skin giving you a healthy glow with minimum risk of acne.


  1. Earth Friendly

All these skin care products are Eco-friendly and ethically created. There are no harmful ingredients used or animals harmed during their manufacturing. They also do not harm the environment due to the lack of chemical use and waste in the factored. There is no dumping in the water bodies or clouds of smoke harming the water life and the ozone respectively. If you read up on every organic body care product manufacturing company's website you will find a statement which confirms the lack of use of chemicals. Rania Hasna has gone a step forward than just the environmental care; we donate a percentage of our earnings to charity.


  1. No Side-Effects

 Most people's skins react harshly to the preservative chemicals placed in the products. However, in organic beauty products, there are no preservative chemicals used and the products are responsibly sourced. Artificial products contain parabens as the preservative. These parabens mimic the natural hormones in our body and can this cause an anaphylactic reaction. However, in organic products since their preservatives are also natural, they do not produce any such effects. It is also not bad for your skin, it will not dry your skin out or result in premature aging. Synthetic ingredients have also been found to be linked to be linked to chronic urticaria.


  1. Long term benefits

Most people use the new creams on the block and synthetic products because they promise a fast result. While you might have experienced that too, the results are not sustainable. With time they fade and your hair or skin, whichever you used the product on, also get damaged. You then have to change to a different product to reverse the change and a few months after this new product's use, you will find yourself in the same situation again. It is what they say, a vicious cycle. With organic-products, things work a bit differently. They might be slow to act, but you will see the changes come up within months of regular use. These changes also stay for a long time because these organic products are full of natural ingredients which keep bringing about these good changes in your skin and hair. These soon become an integral part of your skin care ritual because they yield such great results with no side-effects.


The demand for organic products is increasing day by day as more and more people have begun to realize how great their results are. They are also being touted as a great anti-aging products, something I have seen for myself with regular use of Rania Hasna's.


There are several products available for any problem that you may have; limp hair, hair fall, spots on the skin etc. So try these products for yourself and begin your journey towards good change today!

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