Facial Gone Wrong!

So there was this once I "burnt" my skin apparently with a cheap glycolic acid at a facial in Vietnam and I developed rash after. I didn't pay attention to it and it started to itch so bad, I couldn't help but scratch the area. Little did I know, the little rash spread like wild fire. It eventually covered nearly my entire left cheek. It got really bad as it started becoming inflammed and me being so stubborn, I didn't seek medical attention. I needed my skin to heal fast cos I am running events for this business and this looks so bad. As I need fast, instant results, I succumbed to synthetic products but it didn't make it any better but it got worse. That's when I told myself, I have to stick to natural products no matter how long it's gonna take to see results. 

So here's my regime that I followed religiously....after cleansing, I sprayed on my Rose Facial Spritzer and that calmed down the redness. After which, I dab on my Awaken Facial Oil and.....the patch started to dry up! Of cos, it took awhile for it to go away but it worked! 

Organic, natural products do work, just that they take a little longer that those products infused with chemicals. Now, my skin is back to normal, no scarring, etc. This is why I swear I'll never go back to anything synthetic again. And always be careful where you have your facial at, go to one that is reputable and never, never risk your complexion for cheap facial or products. 👧 

(Top left image -Before, bottom left image - After)

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